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"Inspiring young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way."
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we used to create them." Albert Einstein
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Carol Albritton
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John Clausen
Darrah L. Cloud
Edward Cohen
Corinna Colatore
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Julian Fifer
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Join Our Circle of Friends

The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education is a 501c3 Organization whose mission is to ensure the viability of sustainable communities by leveraging changes in PreK-12 school systems to prepare young people for the shift toward a sustainable future. We prepare schools and their communities to educate for a sustainable future by inspiring educators to engage students through meaningful content and learner‐centered instruction.

We value your support and look forward to building meaningful relationships that create conditions for a rich quality of life for all.

Your gift to The Cloud Institute gives us the flexibility to create new opportunities for the teachers, schools and communities we serve. With your support we will:

  • Continue the important work of preparing teachers to educate for sustainability – developing in young people the new knowledge and habits of mind needed to successfully live well in our places and effect positive change over time
  • Move forward with the development of our free and fee-based online learning programs, so that anyone, anywhere can gain access to EfS tools and resources, empowering them to participate in the shift towards Education for Sustainability
  • Measure our success through data collection and analysis

Join us in contributing to lasting transformation of our young leaders!

With your tax-deductible gift of $65 or more, you will make it possible for us to continue our work inspiring young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way. Together, we can provide schools and communities with the tools and resources they need to educate for a sustainable future.

Please make you check payable to: The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, 116 West 23rd Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10011 - or use the 'donate' buttons above.


Jaimie Cloud on Systems Thinking