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"Inspiring young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way."
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we used to create them." Albert Einstein

EfS Reality Check

Are You Educating for Sustainability?

We strongly value the process of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment in our work with clients. It is very important to be able to clearly evaluate to what extent individuals or organizations currently educate for sustainability.  Our diagnostic tools assist in the analysis process. For a limited time we will be piloting our basic and in-depth tools, free of charge.

Our assessment tools are designed to create a baseline of your current reality and ask you questions that will inform us to the degree to which you are educating for sustainability.

These tools can be revisited over time so that you can see changes in your school or individual work and show evidence of evolution and success.

The Basic Assessmentt tool is free. It provides a short summary of basic steps and entry points you might want to consider, depending on where you are in the process of educating for sustainability.

The In-depth Assessment tool charges a fee. It asks deep and informative questions that align with the attributes defined in The Cloud Institute Framework. Once completed, you will be provided with comprehensive feedback on the degree to which you are educating for sustainability. As part of this assessment, you are provided a half hour consultation with a Cloud Institute representative to explore pathways to deepen your work in EfS.


What: Education for Sustainability (EfS) is a transformative learning process that equips students, teachers, and school systems with the new knowledge and ways of thinking we need to achieve economic prosperity and responsible citizenship, while restoring the health of the living systems upon which our lives depend. Education for Sustainability inspires young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way.

Why: The goals of this Reality Check are: 1) to familiarize you with the comprehensive set of attributes of EfS; 2) to enable you to get a bird’s eye view of where your school is along the EfS continuum; and 3) to provide insight on strategic next steps.

Who: This tool is intended for use by school administrators and lead faculty.

How: EfS requires a holistic approach, so when you’re educating for sustainability, you’ll find evidence of it just about everywhere you look—among the learners, in the classrooms, among the leadership team, throughout the physical facilities and grounds, and into the wider community. This tool asks you to look in each of those places for evidence that you’re educating for sustainability. Wherever you see that evidence, simply check that box. The more accurately you can answer the questions, the more useful our analysis.

Download the PDF of the EfS Reality Check here: download

Then What: If you are interested in having us analyze your results and make recommendations for next steps, please contact us.

For most schools that we work with, the timeline for producing evidence of Education for Sustainability (EfS) in thinking and practices throughout the organization will vary from 3-5 years on average. After that, creating a culture of EfS becomes a process of continuous improvement and growth.