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"Inspiring young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way."
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we used to create them." Albert Einstein

NJL Alumni Full List


New Jersey Learns: Educating Leaders for a Sustainable Future


Two Day Intro to EfS
(16 hrs/ Oct)

Understanding EfS
The Fish Game Simulation
Sustainable Economics
Problems vs. Solutions
Natural Laws and Principles
Strategic Planning Overview

Five Saturday Sessions
(40 hrs/ Nov - Apr)

Audience Identification
Understanding Mental Models
EfS and Brain Science
Community Resources
Vision and Action Planning
Audience Assessments
Healthy Commons
Systems Thinking
Presentations and Reflections

E-Learning & Practicum
(~ 20 hrs/ Nov - Apr)

Community Sustainability
Visioning and Strategic Planning
Audience Assessment Tool Dev.
Practicum & Reflection

One Day Showcase
(8 hrs/ May)

NJ Learns Alumni Stories
Participant Showcase
Certification Ceremony

New Jersey Learns: Educating Leaders for a Sustainable Future

New Jersey Learns Program               

The NJ Learns program unites schools and communities to learn and change together to instigate, sustain, and scale up the innovations and best practices that contribute to sustainability.

By joining this leadership program, partipants build knowledge and skills that will help you to move your community toward a sustainable future. Participants in this 9 month leadership development program join a robust cohort of sustainability leaders and  become part of a social and professional network of experts and organizations. We can empower you to accomplish great things in your communities.


We can accelerate the shift toward a Sustainable New Jersey by linking schools’ and communities’ efforts. Education for Sustainability (EfS) can secure the role of children, young people and adults as participants, innovators and leaders in transforming our future. 

The training sessions are led by Jaimie P. Cloud, a thought leader in the field of Education for Sustainability and founder of the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education. This year, Jaimie will be accompanied by Sustainable Jersey staff to forge a deeper connection between NJ Learns and Sustainable Jersey.

In partnership with Sustainable Jersey the NJ Learns Program serves community and school-based green team members and other sustainable community stakeholders from Registered/Certified Sustainable Jersey Municipalities. The goal of the leadership training is to facilitate and accelerate actions and systemic change in towns and school districts that are participating in the Sustainable Jersey certification programs.


For more information see: alumni videos  alumni stories  NJ schools learn
Contact us to inquire about bringing The Cloud Institute to your school 

Program Partners




The Leading Change Series is part of our NJ Learns Advanced Leadership program.  The series is designed to build on what you learned during the Keystone Year by strengthening those habits of mind you need to educate for sustainability and to provide additional tools to help you lead the shift toward a sustainable future in our communities and schools.


In each session of the Leading Change Series, we’ll draw on the real-life leadership challenges you face in your own communities and schools through various topics. We’ll work together to strengthen your skills of catalytic leadership and delve into the complex processes of change management. You’ll learn to anticipate and mediate challenges better, build them right into your process, and handle them creatively and effectively when they arise.  


By participating in the Leading Change Series, you will: 

  • Gain strategies for expanding your target audience 

  • Build connections with your fellow NJ Learners from all cohorts

  • Strengthen the collective capacity of the NJ Learns network 

  • Deepen your resolve and resiliency as you navigate the change-making process

Leading Change is open to Keystone Alumni only. Apply using the link above, or contact us for additional information.


The aim of NJ Schools Learn is to create school cultures that inspire young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way. In order for schools to learn and change over time, they must have the support of their communities.

Our partnership with Sustainable Jersey,”a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term”, provides favorable conditions for school systems throughout the state to play an active role in contributing to the vibrant future of their communities by securing student achievement, civic engagement and successful schools that learn. 

Cranford and Cherry Hill are the first two certified Sustainable Jersey municipalities to formally partner with their school districts to educate for sustainability. Take a look at the Cranford Resolution and the Cherry Hill Resolution.

The Cloud Institute works with both of these “early adopter” districts at the organizational and classroom levels.  Every year, we spend between 10-14 days on-site in the schools providing direct support in the three following areas:

       A) Administrative Planning and Coaching
       B) Professional Development
       C) Faculty Coaching

Districts that partner with the Cloud Institute through NJ Schools Learn do so for a minimum of three to five years.  Over time, we aim to engage as many of the school districts as possible among the 57 communities now represented in Sustainable Jersey AND the NJ Learns Community.  Therefore, every year, there is “open enrollment” in the NJ Schools Learn program and new districts may engage as soon as they are ready so that more and more schools and communities across the state are learning and changing together to accelerate the shift toward sustainability.  Funding for those additional districts comes from a combination of district funding and local foundations and sponsorships.  NJ Schools Learn demonstrates that educating for sustainability makes a vital contribution to our children’s achievement, their health and their well being, while securing the viability of sustainable communities in the state of New Jersey.

Contact us to inquire about bringing The Cloud Institute to your school.


the Keystone Program is now designed to serve community and school based green team members from