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"Inspiring young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way."
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we used to create them." Albert Einstein
Green Office Images


Our Green Office

Designed by Claire Weisz of Weisz + Yoes Architecture and a team from Green Depot, our office was engineered to be environmentally friendly and comfortable by using only sustainable, natural and recycled materials.

The pleasant sound of trickling water greets you as you enter our office. Designed and built by bio-sculptor, Jackie Brookner, this eco-functional sculpture helps us to conserve water while naturally cooling and filtering the ambient air.

Fish, moss, lava rock, gravel and aquatic plants work in harmony to filter water that is then used to water the many plants in the office. Natural evaporation helps maintain the water level, and also humidifies the air during the dryer winter months.

The walls and desks are made from recycled wood taken from deconstructed factories in Brooklyn. Most of the materials come from retired structural beams. The cabinets and bookshelves are made from wheat board, which is durable, non-toxic, and affordable. The furniture - chairs, tables, phones, and filing cabinets - were all pre-owned and refurbished office supplies and purchased at Bergen Office Furniture. The wood was whitewashed with non-toxic paint and sealers to give the space a light and uniform appearance.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs with upward reflectors create pleasant illumination, while conserving energy. Adjustable window shades minimize heat and glare, but let in the morning sun. In combination with plants, fans and the biosculpture, the shades and energy-efficient lighting helps us minimize use of the air-conditioning system and keep energy bills low.

The window frames accenting our internal walls were scavenged by hand from Stanís of Kingston, a salvage yard in Kingston, NY. The floors are made from sustainably-harvested Canadian maple shorts, which are usually ground into sawdust or simply discarded. Although their installation is more labor intensive, the materials are significantly less expensive than longer boards, and the resulting floor patchwork detail is visually stunning.


The Cloud Institute has two Co-working Spaces available in Chelsea (midtown Manhattan). The cubicles, desktops and flooring are from sustainably harvested hardwood. Spaces come ready with file storage and built in bookshelves. A floor plan is available at Workstation A is $565 and Workstation B is $600 per month. Rental includes 24/7 access with doorman; internet access (wireless/ethernet); scanner, copier, printer usage (certain fees apply), and complimentary tea and organic coffee for suitemates. Also included is limited access to the conference room that can accommodate up to 25 people around tables, or 35 people auditorium style. Projector, screen, and a polycom conference phone system are also available at no additional charge to tenants.

We also have Meeting Space available for rent in our environmentally friendly office. The library/conference room can accommodate up to 20 people around a table, or 35 people auditorium style. Wireless internet, projector, screen, and a polycom conference phone system are all included. Rental fees are $400 per day or $200 for half-day (4 hours or less - we are not able to offer hourly rentals at this time.) Monday - Friday only. Contact us to schedule a walk-through.