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"Inspiring young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way."
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we used to create them." Albert Einstein

Valued Partners

Our partners have been carefully selected based on their knowledge and expertise in their field, as well as their respect for sensitivity to our framework and approach to educating for sustainability.

Teaching and Learning

Our curriculum materials and professional development protocols are informed by, and in many cases co-written by, the master teachers and curriculum and assessment professionals of Learner Centered Initiatives, Ltd., and Communities for Learning.

"The key to moving toward a sustainable future is the marriage between best pedagogical practices that produce critical thinkers and self regulated (people who have learned how to learn) life long learners, with the content of education for sustainability." - Giselle O. Martin-Kniep, President and Founder of Communities for Learning and Learner-Centered Initiatives, Ltd.

Schools that Learn, Organizational Change and Systems Thinking

The Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) Education Partnership is a multi-year effort designed to form strong collaborative relationships within, between, and among schools and communities to create systemic change. The partnership was founded by Jaimie P. Cloud, Peter Senge, senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lees Stuntz, Executive Director of the Creative Learning Exchange (CLE), and Linda Booth Sweeney.

Media Content

Bioneers is a key source for the media and educational materials used by colleges, schools and by community based organizations to inform and inspire positive change at a local level. In collaboration, we have selected Bioneers media resources and aligned them to our EfS Standards and Performance Indicators. All featured media is available through the Cloud Commons and can also be found in our bookstore.

Since 1993 Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) has been leading the curious and the motivated to take responsibility for Earth. Their proven process of connection, reflection and action has positive results. Through discussion courses and the annual EcoChallenge, they engage communities in meaningful conversations that lead to “Aha!” moments about the way we live, work, create and consume. The result is a life that is simpler, richer, and better for us and for Earth.

Physical Plant, Site and Regional Context

We work with professionals committed to the integration of sustainable practices into site research, design development, and construction and operations management. Partnership organizations include:

- Global Footprint Network
- Building Solutions
- Hone & Associates
- Integrative Design Collaborative
- New Civic Works
- Regenesis Group
- Cadwell Collaborative