Students from the South Bronx Green the Hamptons

Steve Ritz has served as an educator in South Bronx for 12 years, and has been a friend of The Cloud Institute for almost as long.  Steve has consistently generated 100% passing rates on NYS Regents Exams in Math and Science with some of the most challenging students in NYC.  He has personally sponsored and arranged scholarships for students, facilitated monetary donations as well as hundreds of computers for South Bronx Youth.  Steve recently founded the Green Teen Program and has secured funding for over 2,200 local jobs in line with cultivating minds and harvesting hope.

Recently, Steve sent us an amazing slide show and video from his summmer program, which highlights the type of student work that he would feature at Hunts Point High School, the proposed new high school to be located in the South Bronx neighborhood.

For all student participants, it was their first time to the Hamptons, where they installed a Green Roof, and both client and architect were thrilled. 

Check out the slideshow and watch their eight hour work day condensed into a 4 minute video - which shows the job from beginning to end!

The quality of the installation and the academic connections are truly inspiring.