'Waste Not' Card & Online Game | Play and Learn about Resources and Energy

Waste Not Card & Online Game - A card game in which players learn about keeping resources out of the landfill and using less energy in the cycling process.  

New Jersey Learns associate and Game Designer, Kirsten Bonanza, created Waste Not because it drives her crazy to have to throw things away.  The game itself as a way to explain the possible options available when an object is no longer good for its inital use. The core question of the game - What are you going to do with it? - challenges players to rethink trash as potential and resources.  Waste Not is being made available as a card game for in person play and as an online game.

Kirsten's background is in teaching, facilitating, and consulting.  Her interest in design lies in educating for sustainability and systems thinking.  She also believes that we will achieve a sustainable future more easily by giving people the experience of how a large system (Earth) works in a playful environment. After Kirsten realized that she'd begun work on her 10th idea for a game, that while her heart calls out to teach and work with Entrepreneurs on building their organizations, it is obvious that Game Design is no longer just a hobby or tool for her own personal use.  With her company Create Better Impact Games, Kirsten seeks to do just that - create better impact on the world.

Learn More: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/waste-not-card-online-game