Jaimie P. Cloud - Founder and President

Jaimie is a thought leader in the field of Education for Sustainability. She has authored The Cloud Institute’s EfS Framework, and several peer-reviewed journal chapters and articles on Sustainability and the significance of Education for Sustainability.

Jaimie works extensively with educators, administrators, and school boards across the nation. She designs and facilitates professional development programs and directs the collaborative development of numerous instructional units and courses for K-12 and Higher Education designed to teach and learn across disciplines through the lens of sustainability.

In addition to her commitment to furthering the mission of The Cloud Institute, Jaimie serves as an advisor, board member or committee member to several organizations with related goals and interests.

To learn more about Education for Sustainability, read more of Jaimie P. Cloud’s publications.


Charlene Turner - Managing Director

Charlene's role at The Cloud Institute is to provide strategic direction in the areas of administration, human resources, and development. She also manages the organizations finances and client contracts. She specializes in improving business efficiency by leveraging technology and best-practice project management processes.

Charlene earned the designation Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) in 2010, and is a long-time member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Passionate about volunteerism and youth leadership, she has served as a volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club of America in Utica, NY, and as an advisory board member for Project Re-Generation (PR-G) in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn.

Roger Saillant
Board Chairperson
Earth's Call Foundation

Elliot Jackson
Board Treasurer
Elliot Jackson Business & Financial Consulting
Sole Proprietor

Darcy Winslow
Board Member
Academy for Change
Managing Partner

Jaimie P. Cloud
Board Member
The Cloud Institute



Koh Ming Wei - EfS Educator

Koh Ming Wei who has a PhD. in Sustainability Education, is an educational consultant, curriculum developer, grant writer, public speaker, and organizer. She has been trained by Jaimie Cloud and others in the growing field to integrate education for sustainability standards and ecological principles as well as Department or Ministry of Education standards into classroom curriculum, professional development courses, and community outreach programs. A certified Waldorf Educator, Ming Wei integrated the arts into her daily classroom curriculum. Ming Wei is also the Ecoliteracy Specialist at Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) where she develops climate change education projects, teacher trainings, and curriculum for use in the Pacific Region. Her dissertation, Discovering learning, discovering self: The effects of an interdisciplinary, standards-based school garden curriculum on elementary students in Hawai‘i, is a useful reference for those interested in developing school learning gardens. Her research includes how the school learning garden experience is a context conducive to teaching core subjects, STEM, and foundational life skills, and has created the Pedagogy of Food to frame the kind of education she believes in and shares. Widely traveled, Ming Wei is interested in how different cultures and indigenous communities work with nature to resolve ecological and social challenges through community partnerships, agriculture, music and arts, and place-based education.