The Cloud Commons is a personalized learning community that provides subscribers with cutting-edge Education for Sustainability resources and tools. Available to individuals, group, and to school subscribers.

  The Cloud Commons Portal Offers:

  • The Cloud Institute’s EfS Content Library of Cloud Institute units and lessons, templates, assessment protocols, enduring understandings, and workshop materials. 
  • Multi-Media Resources Library of webinars, videos, podcasts, and tools that have been created by The Cloud Institute or aligned to our EfS Standards and Performance Indicator. 

  What's Included!

  • Introduction to Sustainability and EfS Video
  • EfS Curriculum Design Workbook
  • The Fish Game Facilitator's Kit
  • 4 Cloud Institute authored Units and Lessons
  • 2 Cloud Institute authored High School Courses
  • EfS Standards and Performance Indicators (.pdf, .doc, .txt)
  • Cloud Institute Podcasts and Webinars
  • Cloud Institute Protocols and Teaching and Learning Tools
  • Curriculum Exemplars
  • Library Resources (links, videos, articles, reference material)

Subscription Type and Cost (annual): 

  • Teacher /Student Subscription $179
  • Professional Subscription $289
  • Studio Subscription: up to 10 users $850
  • School Subscription: up to 35 users $2450