Cloud Programs and Services

Our work with school systems and higher education institutions revolves around the curriculum, instruction, and assessment aspects of Education for Sustainability, as well as the strategic planning and leadership development that is required for lasting change.

We are committed to the roles that teaching, learning, and thinking play in contributing to the shift toward a sustainable future. We have strategic partners that work on the aspects of EfS that involve buildings, grounds, food, and operations.

Each of our short term services can run in length from a half-day (Awareness, Skill Development) to five days (Design and Leadership) depending on the depth of knowledge and skills desired. Our long term services can run in length from one year to ten years. The length of each engagement depends on the readiness, the needs and the aspirations of each individual client. Some places have been educating for sustainability for a long time and others are only just beginning.  Whatever your situation, we can tailor a program or service to meet your needs.

Educating for a Sustainable Future | The unique challenges that define our time require fundamentally new ways of thinking. If we intend to transition to a sustainable way of life, educators and young people have an important role to play.

We Help Sustainable Jersey Schools Get Certified | Sustainable Jersey for Schools is a certification program for New Jersey public schools that want to go green, conserve resources and take steps to create a brighter future - one school at a time. We’ll help your school earn points towards certification.