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FREE 1 HOUR WEBINAR: Education for Sustainability Webinar w/ Jaimie Cloud

- What do we mean when we say Education for Sustainability?

- Why should we educate for sustainability?

- What fields of study inform it?

    - Who and what informed the development of Nine Core Standards and Indicators?

    - Who is using them, how do they use them, and what difference are they making?

Jaimie will also discuss the Standards and Principles that the Cloud Institute's EfS Standards and Indicators have been aligned to. These include the Common Core State Standards, Character Education, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Cultural Competency, The Virtues, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Systems Thinking/System Dynamics, Characteristics of Resiliency, Habits of Mind (Art Costa, Bena Kallick)  and the attributes of catalytic or "quiet" leadership (David Rock).

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