Leadership Development

We provide consulting and leadership development to help administrators:

Develop, implement and monitor a strategic plan for EfS including organizational learning and systemic change, curriculum development and assessment, and individual and organizational performance assessment (3-5-10 years.) Project details generally include: consensus on a theory of change, goals, timeline, success measures, benchmarks and alignment to faculty and administrator performance assessment instruments and innovation of curriculum frameworks to include EfS.

Administer the Cloud Institute EfS Reality Check to determine a baseline and to assess and continually improve the quality of your progress, policies and practices over time.

Co-create a research agenda that correlates EfS with the accelerated improvement of student health, academic achievement, teacher effectiveness, school culture and sustainable community indicators.

Questions we'll answer together:

  1. How can Education for Sustainability increase our student’s health and their academic achievement?

  2. How can we get the faculty to buy in to EfS when they are already under so much pressure?

  3. Will EfS ensure Teachers’ and Principals’ performance continues to be proficient and distinguished over time?

  4. How can EfS help us to retain the best and brightest young teachers?

  5. How can EfS stimulate and sustain whole school improvement?