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"Inspiring young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way."
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we used to create them." Albert Einstein
Design Tools

Design Tools 



Curriculum Design Box

Made of recycled materials, this box includes the EfS Curriculum Design Workbook and CD, EfS Standards Cards set, Mental Model Card set, Principles of Sustainable Design Posters, and all of the Curriculum Design Checklists.
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EfS Curriculum Design Workbook (with CD) 2014 Ed.

Sections include: The Cloud Institute Framework, Curriculum Design Worksheets, Curriculum Design Templates Assessment Tools, Exemplars, and Additional Resources. ** Table of Contents
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The Cloud Institute EfS Standard and Performance Indicators Cards (set of 50)

The 9 EfS Content Standards and their corresponding Performance Indicators. These colorful 5.5" x 8" Cards can be used for curriculum design sessions and are color coded for ease of use.
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Mental Model Cards + Understanding Mental Models Facilitators Guide

The Understanding Mental Models Facilitators Guide and card deck meet the demand for a deeper exploration (post the fish game experience) of the mental models of un-sustainability,  the mental models of sustainability, and the brain based strategies for “paradigm shifting” from one to the other.  Individual and group activities help participants  learn to recognize and name the mental models operating behind what people say, so they can communicate and educate effectively. This process increases understanding and contributes to the development of new insights.  To facilitate the activities outlined in the Facilitators’ Guide, one set of cards for 1-3 people is recommended.  Additional card sets are availablel for purchase.
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Principles of Sustainable Design Posters

These posters include the concepts of basic permaculture principles by Bill Mollison.
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The Cloud Institute Curriculum Design Checklists (3 back-to-back cards, 6 lists in all)

The 9 EfS Content Standards and their corresponding Performance Indicators.  These colorful 5.5" x 8" Cards can be used for curriculum design sessions and are color coded for ease of use.
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Curriculum Units, Courses & Design Tools


The Fish Game Facilitators Kit 2014 Ed.

The Fish Game Kit includes the Fish Game Guide with the fish game, instructions on how to facilitate the fish game, and how to debrief the fish game, and the Fish Game PowerPoint so you can implement the fish game in your class or organization. PREVIEW THE FISH GAME

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The Fish Game Playing Cards and SCH'ish!

NEW! 2 Games in 1! This classroom set of 6 decks of cards is designed to be used along with the Fish Game Kit. Replace your paper cut outs of fish with these playing cards, and engage your students in a learning activity that transforms their thinking about the role they play in contributing to a sustainable future. Turn the cards over for SCH'ish!, the School of Fish Brain Break Game of memory and logic - fun for all ages! (Sch’ish! instructions included)


| $29 | Buy One Deck |  $189 | Buy Classroom Set of 6 Decks + The Facilitators Guide

From Global Hunger to Sustainable Food Systems: Challenges & Choices (6-8)

This 4-week activities-based unit helps students understand the root causes of hunger and develop informed opinions about their own food choices.
View the Table of Contents
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Sustainable Food Systems Activity Guide (6-12)

This activity-rich guide was developed for after-school settings to provide teachers, parents, and non-formal educators with fun project ideas for teaching kids how to work toward sustainable food systems.
View the Table of Contents
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The Paper Trail: Connecting Natural & Economic Systems (9-12)

This 4-week unit was designed to be embedded in existing economics courses as an introduction to ecological economics.
View the Table of Contents
Read a review of this unit by Dr. David C.Korten
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Changing Consumption Patterns - 2012 release! (9-12)

This 3-week curriculum will help students gain a thorough understanding of sustainability by connecting them with their own consumption patterns and exploring the connection between their consumption and world conditions.
View the Table of Contents
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Inventing the Future: Leadership and Participation for the 21st Century (10-12)

This one-semester course fulfills the Participation in Government requirement for secondary schools. The course helps students develop a sense of place as they explore the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship and envision the future through the creation of community projects that contribute to positive change. We highly recommend our 4-day professional development series that supports this curriculum. The Inventing the Future site license is for one school, and includes 550 page curriculum and CD.
View the Table of Contents
View the Introduction
Scope and Sequence
Learning Outcomes
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Business and Entrepreneurship Education for the 21st Century (BEE21)

Business and Entrepreneurship Education for the 21st Century (BEE 21) is a one-year high school course rich with case studies of successful ventures that meet financial, ecological and social goals (i.e., “The Triple Bottom Line”). Students study the connections between business, society and the planet as they develop the concrete skills they need to plan, launch and operate a sustainable entrepreneurial venture. The BEE21 site license is for one school, and includes 550 page curriculum and CD.
View the Table of Contents
Scope and Sequence
Outcomes and Indicators
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EfS Alignment Charts & Protocol

Our re-usable EfS Alignment Charts can be used for at least three purposes: 1) Align/ cross-walk  the Cloud Institute’s EfS Enduring Understandings, Standards and Performance Indicators with the existing curriculum content in your school across grade levels and disciplines; 2) Map and Plan an EfS unit or course of study; 3) Align as the first step to a Strengths Assessment of EfS in your curriculum (It is not a “gap” if it is not aligned!)

The Pre-Printed Post Its will save you time and provide the structure for the detail educators will need to move seamlessly from aligning to designing and/or innovating units of study.  Once alignment is done, the data can be digitally transcribed and archived and can serve as a road map for future curriculum innovation. click here for a larger image


| $39 | Chart + 2 Post It Packs | $3.50 | Additional Post It Packs