Faculty Coaching for Curriculum Design

To support the development of lesson plans and units that are mapped and documented in a curriculum database, aligned to EfS and Common Core Standards, and that include assessments that measure meaningful learning.

Onsite or offsite via SKYPE

When faculty and curriculum developers are ready, we:

Coach in a series of one-on-one and/or department/grade level sessions with teachers to review and innovate unit designs and lessons, assessments and performance criteria, address mapping and alignment questions and issues, discuss differentiation strategies and content revisions, provide feedback, and discuss and make progress toward curricular and instructional goals.

Design a school, an EfS Curriculum Framework, a full course of study, a scope and sequence, performance assessments, performance criteria and/or Professional Development Protocols embedded with EfS attributes.

Review and assess exemplary EfS units, assessments and performance criteria for the attributes of EfS and Quality Curriculum. Discuss innovations.

Analyze student work for evidence of EfS using EfS Performance Criteria and discuss next steps.

Conduct a formal strengths assessment and review gaps of the operating curriculum for evidence of EfS attributes. Faculty and administrators analyze results and make decisions about next steps with the goal of fully integrating vertically and laterally the EfS Standards and Performance Indicators into the curriculum scope and sequence in the appropriate disciplines and grade levels.

Questions we'll answer together:

  1. Is EfS aligned to the Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards? Is EfS aligned to our Content Standards?

  2. What other popular frameworks align to the Cloud Institute’s EfS Standards and Indicators?

  3. What does UBD/Backwards Design have to do with Educating for Sustainability?