What We Do

Our work with Pre K-12 schools, school systems, and Higher Education institutions all revolves around the curriculum, instruction and assessment, aspects of Education for Sustainability, as well as organizational and leadership development.                                        

Why We Do It

To equip students, teachers, and school systems with the new knowledge and ways of thinking we need to achieve economic prosperity and responsible citizenship while restoring the health of the living systems upon which our lives depend.                                     

Who We Serve

Our community is made up of clients past,   and present, students, friends, and practitioners in our network around the U.S. and all over the world. We learn from one another as we share questions, insights and effective practices.                                                      


The Fish Game

Play The Fish Game! The objective: catch as many fish as possible within 10 rounds.              

EfS Assessment Tools

Take this assessment to see how well you're educating for sustainability! Whole school sustainability assessment and more to come! 

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