Our Partners

We align ourselves with organizations based on their knowledge and expertise in their field, as well as their respect for sensitivity to our framework and approach to educating for sustainability.

Teaching and Learning


Learning Systems Associates & Tomorrow’s Education Network
Led by Dr. Marie Alcock, these organizations focus on evolving curriculum, instructional practices, and assessments to meet the changing needs of 21st century students. Their mission is to provide current and accurate support for school communities that are embracing curriculum change.


Learner Centered Initiatives, Ltd. & Communities for Learning
Our curriculum materials and professional development protocols are informed by, and in many cases co-written by, the master teachers and curriculum and assessment professionals of Learner Centered Initiatives, Ltd., and Communities for Learning.


Rubicon Atlas
Atlas is a knowledge transfer system. With relevant and comprehensive curriculum information at their fingertips, teachers can move from capturing the taught curriculum to engaging with the broader educational community.

SchoolHack Solutions was founded by pioneering educators with extensive experience delivering authentic personalized learning. As teachers, mental health counselors and policymakers, the team at SchoolHack knows what it takes to create school cultures where all learning – both in and out of the classroom – counts. 

LiFT, SchoolHack's competency-based learning platform integrates essential elements of authentic personalized learning to address the needs of administrators, teachers and students. Schools throughout the country are using LiFT as the basis for their shift to flexible pathways to graduation, competency-based education and personalized learning. he Cloud Institute is working with SchoolHack  to ensure that Cloud's EfS standards are included in the instructional design of schools on the forefront of innovation.

Schools that Learn, Organizational Change and Systems Thinking


Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) Education Partnership SoL Is a multi-year effort designed to form strong collaborative relationships within, between, and among schools and communities to create systemic change. The partnership was founded by Jaimie P. Cloud, Peter Senge, senior lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lees Stuntz, Executive Director of the Creative Learning Exchange (CLE), and Linda Booth Sweeney.

Media Content

Bioneers A key source for the media and educational materials used by colleges, schools and by community based organizations to inform and inspire positive change at a local level. In collaboration, we have selected Bioneers media resources and aligned them to our EfS Standards and Performance Indicators. All featured media is available through the Cloud Commons and can also be found in our bookstore.

Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) Since 1993 NWEI has been leading the curious and the motivated to take responsibility for Earth. Their proven process of connection, reflection and action has positive results. Through discussion courses and the annual EcoChallenge, they engage communities in meaningful conversations that lead to “Aha!” moments about the way we live, work, create and consume. The result is a life that is simpler, richer, and better for us and for Earth.


Physical Plant, Site and Regional Context

We work with professionals committed to the integration of sustainable practices into site research, design development, and construction and operations management. Partnership organizations include:

Beyond Green.png

Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners
Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners provides sustainably produced meals and snacks to preschool and grade school students, in addition to offering consulting to commercial and institutional kitchens that mirrors our own sustainability practices that emphasize financial sustainability and working within budgets. In doing so, Beyond Green aims to incite a society-wide understanding about the relationships between food, health, community, our economy, and our environment to improve the sustainability of our local and global food systems. We believe that our conscientiousness in delivering high quality food is imperative for young people to achieve their highest potential by preparing them to make responsible decisions about their food and food systems. Empowering children through good food is just the beginning of building a strong educational foundation that will affect generations to come.


Cadwell Collaborative
Cadwell Collaborative helps schools realize their visions and goals as they become exemplary organizations — places where students, teachers, and parents learn and work with their communities to create a hopeful, healthy future through excellent, purposeful, creative work.


Global Footprint Network
Global Footprint Network provides tools and programs that can help countries thrive in a resource-constrained world. More than ever, decision-makers are employing Ecological Footprint accounting to manage their ecological capital, both now and for the future.

hone & associates.png

Hone & Associates
Hone+Associates was founded by Keith Hone in 1985 to provide exceptional architectural services to educational, institutional, commercial, and residential clients. H & A's goals are to collaborate with clients who are engaged in socially and culturally meaningful projects; to foster an environment in which dedicated professionals can grow  through their  work; and to lead the profession in developing responses to immediate and future environmental  challenges.

integrative design.gif

EcoMotion provides sustainability advising and consulting cities, counties, utilities, corporations, and campuses to help them achieve their energy and environmental goals.  

Integrative Design Collaborative
The Integrative Design Collaborative is a consortium of advanced practitioners who serve as resources, coaches, and program managers to help project teams achieve increasingly higher levels of environmentally responsible design – from Green to Sustainability to Regeneration.

Natural Pod
Natural Pod makes long-lasting, sustainable furniture designed to foster collaboration, creativity and innovation in learning environments. They serve educators and children ages K-12, as well as create common and collaboration spaces. Since their inception, they have worked with thousands of different learning organizations. They have helped create learning and play environments educators and students desire to support 21st century learning.

Regnesis Group.jpg

Regenesis Group
Regenesis is a world leader in the field of regenerative development—an approach to land use, community planning, and the built environment that has defined the leading edge of sustainability practice for over two decades.