The Fish Game Fundraiser

The Cloud Institute uses The Fish Game to start the conversation about education for sustainability with students and stakeholders. The simulation invites us to 'go fishing' and the object of each game is to “have as many fish as possible by the end of 10 rounds”. The game teaches system dynamics, ecological principles, responsible citizenship and more!

The Fish Game is often facilitated by Jaimie Cloud in boardrooms, classrooms and auditoriums around the country, and has been played internationally in places like Germany and Kenya.

The Fish Game Online has been accessible online for free for more than 15 years, but it needs an UPGRADE.

Users on Apple iOs devices haven’t been able to play the game, and now with Adobe Flash being phased out, The Fish Game Online may not be available to anyone. BUT, you can help. Your donation today of any amount will go towards the development of a brand new Fish Game Online. We appreciate your support.

NewFishGame-Donate2019 101119 - final.png
Help Us Upgrade The Fish Game Online