EfS Alignment Charts & Protocol

Our re-usable EfS Alignment Charts can be used for at least three purposes: 1) Align/ cross-walk  the Cloud Institute’s EfS Enduring Understandings, Standards and Performance Indicators with the existing curriculum content in your school across grade levels and disciplines; 2) Map and Plan an EfS unit or course of study; 3) Align as the first step to a Strengths Assessment of EfS in your curriculum (It is not a “gap” if it is not aligned!)

The Pre-Printed Post Its will save you time and provide the structure for the detail educators will need to move seamlessly from aligning to designing and/or innovating units of study.  Once alignment is done, the data can be digitally transcribed and archived and can serve as a road map for future curriculum innovation. click here for a larger image

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Chart + 2 Post It Packs

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