Thank you for visiting us at the Green Schools National Conference! We want to help you educate for a sustainable future, and have tailored this page to help, below you find quick resources to get you started! 

The EfS Benchmarks

What is EfS? Start by reading the EfS Benchmarks to understand more about what it means to Education for Sustainability. This 70 page account is authored by, and represents the current and best thinking of, forty-two scholars and practitioners of the field of Education for Sustainability (EfS). The Benchmarks include the Big Ideas, Thinking Skills, Applied Knowledge, Dispositions, Actions, and Community Connections that define Education for Sustainability. They embody essential elements that administrators, curriculum professionals, faculty, board and community members may adopt: to align goals; to self-assess performance; and to intentionally and effectively educate for the future we want by design. In addition, the Benchmarks embody the consensus that our field needs to demonstrate the impact of EfS and to catalyze wide spread implementation.

Curriculum Design Studio

The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education prepares pre-K-12 school systems to educate for a sustainable future by inspiring educators and engaging students through meaningful content and learner-centered instruction.

In this 5-day curriculum design studio, educators, administrators, and program designers learn how to design and embed EfS into curricula, assessments, and performance tasks without the need for additional class time.

You get access to expertise, resources, and tools to reorient and enrich curricula. Through working sessions, learning circles, coaching, peer review, and optional mini-sessions, you create and develop units and protocols that educate for sustainability.

Tuition is just $495 for 5 days! 

Our Services 

Our work with schools, school systems and Higher Education institutions all revolves around the curriculum, instruction, and assessment aspects of Education for Sustainability, as well as the strategic planning, organizational, and leadership development that is required. 

Each of our short term services can run in length from a half-day (Awareness, Skill Development) to five days (Design and Leadership) depending on the depth of knowledge and skills desired. Our long term services can run in length from one year to ten years. The length of each engagement depends on the readiness, the needs and the aspirations of each individual client. Some places have been educating for sustainability for a long time and others are only just beginning.  Whatever your situation, we can tailor a program or service to meet your needs.