Our model programs have been co-designed with our partners to meet local and regional needs, and can be replicated and adapted in any place. They are designed to engage students, teachers, and administrators in the process of inventing a sustainable future through authentic curriculum and instruction, community partnerships, service, place-based, and project-based learning.

Schools Learn | Teachers, Administrators and Staff Make the Shift to Educate for Sustainability

Schools Learn is a long-term and comprehensive approach to developing whole school capacity to educate for sustainability. We support efforts to embed EfS into curriculum, instruction and assessment, and organizational learning practices, while working in partnership with the community. View Our Community.

A Schools Learn Scope of Work will generally include: Introduction to Education for Sustainability, Administrative Planning and Coaching, Professional Development and Curriculum Coaching for Instructors and Formal Strength Assessments.

Sites Learn | Schools & Communities that Learn Together

Sites Learn programs contribute to sustainability through collaborative initiatives developed through school and community partnerships. Examples include:

Districts Learn | Multi-District Collaboration to Educate for Sustainability

Districts Learn is designed to encourage regional efforts in ongoing curriculum innovation, dissemination, professional development, and organizational change.

Curriculum Development

We also work with clients to design custom EfS units and courses that meet appropriate State, National and EfS standards. Examples included:


We are proud to announce a partnership with The NYC Department of Education's High School Career Technical Education (CTE) Office, Envirolution One, a leader in sustainability education and career development in NYC, green industry experts, and Rubicon Atlas, the Curriculum Mapping Software.

NYC High School Career and Tech Education has over 300 CTE programs in 120+ schools, serving more than 120,000 students annually. The goal of the CTE Sustainability Education Initiative,  is to educate for sustainability across all career pathways over the next several years.  In this first year, we will work with faculty from Automotive, Solar, Green Building, Electrical, and IT to develop, map and pilot exemplary units of study that meet the Cloud Institute's EfS Enduring Understandings, Standards and Performance Indicators, as well as industry standards appropriate to each career pathway. The exemplary units will be piloted during the 2015-16 school year. This program is one of the ways that educators and students in NYC can contribute to the goals of ONEnyc 2030, which encompasses The Mayor's Sustainability and Resiliency Initiatives.


TerraCycle offers free recycling programs funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help you collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste. They have programs in schools throughout the country and the Cloud Institute partnered with them to build exemplary lessons K-12 that teach students about the science of materials cycling, Cradle to Cradle, Biomimicry and more…