The Cloud Institute’s Curriculum Design Studio

August 2019 Promos
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The unique challenges that define our time require fundamentally new ways of thinking. If we intend to transition to a sustainable way of life, educators and young people have an important role to play. Join us as we explore what’s possible through education for sustainability.

The Cloud Institute's Annual Curriculum Design Studio will once again be held at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Join us for an immersive Introduction to Education for Sustainability (EfS) over the weekend and 5 Days of Curriculum Design and Coaching. Meet us at Omega and gain access to expertise, resources and tools required to design elegant curricula for use in the classroom, protocols for professional development, or action plans designed to implement EfS change initiatives in schools and communities. Onsite lodging and meals optional.

The Education for Sustainability (EfS) Framework is an evidence-based, transformative learning process developed by The Cloud Institute. It is based on systems thinking, sustainable economics, and the science of sustainability. Instead of teaching kids about sustainability, EfS teaches them the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits of mind required to become responsible citizens who can achieve economic prosperity and restore the health of the living systems upon which our lives depend.

Educate your students for the healthy and sustainable future we want—and meet academic standards, increase engagement, and improve performance.

Introduction to EfS will immerse participants in systems thinking games and simulations, group discussions about economics and quality of life, and the science of sustainability. Stories and case studies will be shared, we will explore contemporary ideas in EfS and we will envision what is possible when we educate for sustainability.

During the Curriculum Design Studio, we will use backwards design, or Understanding by Design (UbD), to re-orient, innovate, build, and map curricula designed to meet academic standards in addition to EfS standards, performance indicators, and enduring understandings - without additional class time or add-ons.

Educators, curriculum specialists, administrators, and program designers will:

  • Learn what Education for Sustainability (EfS) is

  • Learn how to embed standards into curricula, assessments, performance criteria, and performance tasks

  • Gain access to expertise, resources, and tools to re-orient and enrich curricula

  • Participate in guided working sessions, learning circles, coaching, peer review, and optional mini-sessions

  • Develop units and protocols that prepare students to participate in and lead with us, the shift toward a sustainable future

Join us in at The Omega Institute or contact us to discuss hosting an introduction to EfS workshop and curriculum studio event at your school.