School and Community Partnerships | Program Design & Implementation

How can EfS accelerate the shift toward healthy and sustainable communities?
How can we ensure that our students will be educated for a healthy and sustainable future over time?

No school change happens without the support of the community. And if communities want to move toward sustainability, they cannot go too far without all the children, young people and their teachers and mentors. In order for EfS to produce real school improvement and promote sustainable community development, schools and communities must learn and work together for a sustainable future.

We work with school leaders to:

  • Identify authentic learning opportunities for students in the community through service and project based learning.

  • Develop relationships with key community stakeholders who are valuable resources to the school/district.

  • Position the school as a resource to other schools and to the community to address the needs of local sustainable community development.

  • Create opportunities for schools and communities to learn together through workshops, “World Café” discussions, speaker series, book clubs and study circles and “Green Team” events.

  • Prepare students and teachers to monitor sustainable community indicators to track and produce evidence of change over time.

  • Celebrate together as much as possible the successes, and the learning that comes from worthy failures.